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Michael Heap


Michael Heap joined the family business as works manager in 1972. The family had long been involved in supplying flint to the ceramic industry and then calcined flint for many uses in construction using the raw materials resulting from the local cement works processing the chalk in Thurrock. When the last cement works closed in the late seventies to make way for the Lakeside shopping centre, Michael set up CED Ltd to provide natural stone of all types, especially to solve problems, whether technical or matching existing materials. Products suitable as exposed aggregates for precast concrete were the starting point but it soon became obvious that the landscape industry needed a specialist supplier of natural stone, whether as setts, kerb or paving or as rocks, boulders, pebbles and gravels.

Michael has an engineering backgound which together with a love of solving problems has led the company to new products of all sorts. He has also greatly enjoyed working with designers to facilitate the improvements now seen in our British streetscapes. Today he is working on the committee revising BS 7533, the standard for modular paving units. Success in streetscape design requires technical competence as well as aesthetics.

Michael Heap will be speaking at:

British stone paving – More variety and production capacity

26/04/2017 12:20 - 12:40

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